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What Is the Best Spark Plug to Use for a ’03 Acura RSX?


The 2003 Acura RSX came in a pair of trims — a base model and the Type-S — and both models required spark plug changes every 110,000 miles. Because of advanced spark plug technology, like platinum and iridium coatings, modern cars like the RSX, require specific types of spark plugs with preset, non-adjustable gaps. Acura recommended only two spark plugs for the 2003 RSX and RSX Types-S, one from NGK and one from Denso.

Spark Plug Type and Gap

On the base Acura RSX, Acura recommended using either NGK IZFR6K11 or Denso SKJ20DR-M11 spark plugs. On the high-performance Type-S model, Acura recommended NGK 1FR7G-11KS or Denso SK22PR-M11S spark plugs. On both variants, Acura required a 0.039- to-0.043-inch spark plug gap.