Home Auto Repair 2015 Acura TLX Backup Sensors User’s Information Manual

2015 Acura TLX Backup Sensors User’s Information Manual


Download 2015 Acura TLX Backup Sensors User’s Information Manual – How the Backup Sensors Work Backup Sensors The sensors are ready for operation when the shift lever is moved into the reverse position. The sensors operate by emitting ultrasonic waves. The sensors calculate the distance to an obstacle by measuring the time that the ultrasonic waves take to refl ect back from an obstacle. The sensor system is designed to alert you with an audible signal when the rear bumper of your vehicle is approaching an obstacle. The audible signal has three sounds:… The sensors detect the nearest rear obstacle. The sensors may not detect the rear bumper of tall vehicles. The system may not sense thin or low objects or sonic-absorptive materials such as snow, cotton, or sponge. Examples: • The sensors may not work near a garage door with electrical sensor. • The system cannot sense objects directly under the bumper. The system may not function properly under these conditions: • After the vehicle has been sitting out in hot or cold weather. • The sensors are covered with snow, ice, mud, etc. • When the vehicle is on a rough road, on grass, or climbing a hill. • When the system is affected by electrical equipment or devices generating an ultrasonic wave. • When operating the vehicle in bad weather. Before using the backup sensors, become familiar with the types of sounds in relation to the,…