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How to Align Timing for a Ford 302 Engine


Now is the time you’ve been waiting months for. You’ve put in all the work rebuilding and restoring your 302 Mustang. All the body, suspension and interior work are done. The engine is installed. There’s high octane fuel in the gas tank. All that’s left is to start the engine, tune it up perfectly and hit the road. One of the most important parts of a proper tune-up, especially in this case, is properly setting the ignition timing. An engine with properly set timing will accelerate faster, run more efficiently and smoothly and produce more power than an engine with improperly set timing.

Things You’ll Need

Spray cleaner, Rag, Chalk/crayon, Golf tee/medium-size nail, ½ inch flex socket, 12-inch extension, Ratchet, Timing light.