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How to Set the Timing on a ’92 Mazda MPV


The Mazda MPV minivan features a 2.6-liter four-cylinder engine and a 3.0 six-cylinder engine. The ignition timing of the engine’s control when a spark will occur and start the engine. You should routinely check the ignition timing of your engine as part of its maintenance needs. The ignition timing can be checked and adjusted with a simpler procedure involving a few tools. The ignition timing for the 2.6-liter engine is 5 degrees, and the ignition timing for the 3.0-liter is 11 degrees.

Things You’ll Need: Timing light, Wrench, Wheel chocks (wedges), Jumper cables


  • Turn your minivan on in an area with enough space to work on your engine. Turn off all accessories in the car, including the air conditioning/heat and radio.