Home Auto Repair 1999 Dodge Pickup R1500 Drive Axles Service Manual

1999 Dodge Pickup R1500 Drive Axles Service Manual

Download 1999 Dodge Pickup R1500 Drive Axles Service Manual – REMOVAL & INSTALLATION CENTER BEARING SUPPORT ASSEMBLY Removal 1. With transmission in neutral and parking brake off, raise vehicle. Scribe alignment marks on all flange/yokes and slip joints to be disassembled or disconnected. Remove drive shaft from pinion flange/yoke. 2. Slide rear drive shaft slip joint from front drive shaft splines. See Fig. 10 . Support drive shaft(s) while removing center bearing support bracket mounting bolts. Pull to remove front drive shaft slip joint transmission extension housing shaft. Disassembly 1. Clamp front drive shaft in a soft-jaw vise. If required, disassemble “U” joint from yoke to access yoke-todrive shaft retaining bolt. Scribe mark yoke or slip joint to drive shaft for reassembly reference. Slide yoke or slip joint off shaft splines. 2. Remove and retain center bearing support bracket and retainer. (Service replacement assembly may not come with these items.) Remove rubber insulator from bearing housing. See Fig. 10 . 3. Bend slinger away from center bearing to provide clearance for bearing puller. Using bearing puller, remove center bearing from drive shaft. On some applications, outer bearing cover/cage and balls must be removed to attach puller to bearing race.