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2002 Jeep Cherokee Brake Caliper Torque Specs


When repairing a vehicle, torque values are sometimes overlooked, and this is when the “that’s tight enough for me” approach comes into play. Engineers didn’t spend countless hours determining the correct torque for each bolt and nut on your 2002 Grand Cherokee for no reason. These torque values take into account the strength of the fastener involved, the amount of pressure put on the fastener and the amount of vibration it must endure in daily use. Few fasteners on your Grand Cherokee take more abuse, or are more critical, than the pins and bolts that hold its brake calipers in place.

Caliper Torque

The caliper-mounting pins on the 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee require between 21 and 30 foot-pounds of torque. The caliper bracket bolts require between 66 and 85 foot-pounds of torque.