Home Auto Repair How to Take the Rear Rotors off a ’97 Ford Expedition

How to Take the Rear Rotors off a ’97 Ford Expedition


For years, the Bronco has been gone from Ford’s lineup, as it was replaced by the Expedition in 1997. The Expedition was built as a full-size SUV featuring two- or four-wheel drive, two different V-8 engines, and for the first time in a large Ford SUV, standard four-wheel disc brakes. The procedure for changing the rear brake pads is the same on all trim levels.

Things You’ll Need : Floor jack, Jack stands, Wheel chocks, Ratchet, Metric sockets, Torque wrench, Metric box-end wrenches, Catch pan, C-clamp, Hammer, Wire brush, Silicone brake lubricant, Brake pads, Brake pad ant-rattle clips, DOT 3 brake fluid, Wire brush



  • Park the Expedition on a flat, hard surface. Turn the engine off and remove the keys from the ignition. Place the wheel chocks around the front tires. Loosen the rear lug nuts 1/4 turn with the appropriate ratchet and socket. Place the floor jack under the center of the rear differential and lift the rear of the vehicle into the air. Place the jack stands under the axle housing tubes closer to the wheels- as far from the jack as possible. Lower the jack.