Home Auto Repair How to Install a Rotor on a ’01 Ford Mustang

How to Install a Rotor on a ’01 Ford Mustang


Ford’s 2001 Mustang base model came standard with a 3.8-liter V-6, and the GT and Cobra came equipped with the 4.6-liter V-8. All models came standard with a five-speed manual transmission, though the base model and the GT had the option of a four-speed automatic. All the 2001 Mustangs had disc brakes all around. Replace the rotors if they’re damaged or if the thickness after turning them is less than 0.970 inch on front or 0.550 inch on the rear for base model and GT and 1.040 inches on the front or 0.660 on the rear for the Cobra.

Things You’ll Need

Wheel chocks, Jack, Tire tool, 2 jack stands, Ratchet, Socket set, DOT 3 brake fluid, Piece of vinyl tubing, Open-end wrench set, Needle-nose pliers, Bungee cord or length of wire, Penetrating oil, Plastic, rubber or leather mallet, Steel brush, Aerosol brake cleaner, Thread-locking compound, Foot-pound torque wrench, Large C-clamp, Small block of wood