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How to Change Brake Pads on a ’98 Chevrolet Tahoe


Badge engineering — the automotive industry’s tendency to create “new” models by simply changing a model’s name — is no stranger to General Motors and none of these engineering jobs were as obvious as the introduction of the Tahoe in 1995. Essentially, GM grew tired of distinguishing the full-size Blazer from the midsize S-10 Blazer, so it simply renamed the full-size model the Tahoe and made minor revisions. The front brake pads recently started grinding on my 1998 Tahoe and I found this process to work well to complete the task.


  • I found that the best place to lift the front of the Tahoe is at the front suspension crossmember, and the jack stands should go under the frame rails, just behind the front wheels. I found that my Tahoe’s caliper used a pair of bolts to secure it to the bracket, and these came off with a ratchet and socket.
  • When I removed the caliper, the pads actually remained with the caliper and I removed the inner pad by simply pulling it away from the caliper piston until the retaining pins disengaged from the piston.