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What Is the Cause of Uneven Wear in Brake Pads?


As auto-repair shop prices continue to rise, you may be looking for any way to save money you can. One way to save money is to complete your car maintenance or repairs yourself, including brake pad replacements. While performing a brake job, you may notice that one pad wore down faster than the other did. A small amount of uneven brake pad wear is to be expected, but when there is significant uneven wear, you need to find the source and repair or replace it, or you are simply throwing away your hard-earned money.

Slide Pins

On nearly all modern brake systems, the brake caliper rides on two pins that allow the caliper to slide back and forth as needed. To maximize the pin’s effectiveness, the pins must be smooth and well lubricated with disc brake grease. If these pins become dirty, rusty or lack lubrication, the caliper may stick in one spot on the pins.