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How to Replace a 2000 Dodge Dakota Master Cylinder


Prior to the 1921 introduction of hydraulic brakes to the automotive world, a vehicle’s stopping distance depended on how hard you could push. The 2000 Dodge Dakota uses four-wheel hydraulic brakes, as do all modern vehicles. At the heart of the hydraulic system is a pump, known as the master cylinder, which creates the pressure needed to stop the vehicle at roughly the same rate again and again. Replacing the master cylinder in the 2000 Dakota is not overly difficult, but it does require two bleeding processes — one before installing the master cylinder and one after.

Things You’ll Need

Clean turkey baster, Small container, Line wrench set, Ratchet, Socket set, Master cylinder bleeder kit, Bench vise with rubber jaw protectors, 1 qt. DOT 3 brake fluid, Wooden dowel rod, Torque wrench, Crow’s foot attachment, Floor jack, Jack stands, Combination wrench set, ¼-inch-diameter rubber hose, 3 feet long, Clean, clean container