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How to Replace Chevy Calipers


The brake calipers on the Chevy use hydraulics to squeeze the rotor between the brake pads to stop the automobile. If they are not functioning properly, the vehicle will not stop. Signs of a bad brake caliper include leaking around the caliper piston, the car seeming to pull to one side when braking, or the brake pads seeming to wear quickly and unevenly because the calipers are not operating properly. An average person can change a brake caliper in about 30 minutes. If you find yourself replacing the brake calipers on your Chevy, be sure to replace the pads as well if they are worn.

Things You’ll Need

Drain pan, Turkey baster, Wheel chocks, Automobile jack, Jack stand, Lug wrench, Hex socket, Socket set, Brake hoses, Brake fluid.