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How to Replace Boat Trailer Brakes


Because the brakes of a boat trailer are secondary to the brakes of the vehicle that’s towing it, it’s easy for a boat owner to disregard the scraping or grinding sound coming from the trailer. But the time to discover your trailer’s brake pads have completely worn down is not when you’re speeding down a hill with a 6,000-pound boat on your tail. Avoiding that dangerous situation is worth the effort, considering the fact that changing your boat trailer’s brake pads is relatively easy and inexpensive — if you do the work yourself.

Things You’ll Need: New brake pads, Lug nut wrench or tire iron, Floor jack, Jack stands, Socket wrench, Bungee cord or rope, Brake pad grease


  • Park your boat trailer on a paved, flat surface. Loosen each wheel’s lug nuts with a tire iron or lug nut wrench. Don’t completely remove them. Place a floor jack under the trailer’s frame and raise it to a height that will allow you to place a jack stand under it on one side. Lower the trailer onto the jack stand.