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How to Replace a Wheel Hub Assembly GMC K1500


The GMC K1500 Sierra truck is built by General Motors. K1500 trucks come equipped with wheel hub assemblies on both front wheels. The hubs are the main components that the brake calipers, brake pads and the brake rotors connect to. The wheel hub assembly also comes equipped with a roller bearing that allows the front wheels to turn, and an ABS braking sensor. The hub makes it possible for the wheels to turn while allowing the braking components to perform their required function. If the bearing inside of a hub locks up, replace the wheel hub immediately.

Things You’ll Need

Tire tool, Jack, Jack stands, 1/2-inch drive ratchet, 1/2-inch drive socket set, Flat head screwdriver, Bungee cord, Rubber mallet, New wheel hub assembly, Torque wrench