Home Auto Repair How do I Replace a Lexus Passenger Window?

How do I Replace a Lexus Passenger Window?


Replacing the passenger window on your Lexus is pretty much the same process as replacing the window on any other vehicle. If your window has become damaged or broken it can pose a danger to your passengers. It could also put your vehicle at risk of being stolen. If this occurs you should pick up a replacement window from your local auto store and install it in your Lexus.

Things You’ll Need: Phillips-head screwdriver, Adjustable wrench


  • Open up the door of your Lexus which contains the damaged passenger window. Find the screws which hold the door panel in place. Some may be covered by plastic covers. Pry the covers off with a flat head screwdriver and use a phillips-head screwdriver to remove the panel. Lift the panel away from the door.