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How to Install Rear Glass in a Volkswagen Beetle


Installing the rear glass in a Volkswagen Beetle can be a difficult process and should be done with the help of an assistant. The rubber window seal must be installed correctly to protect the interior of the car from leaks. The window seal has two curved surfaces: The large one goes on the outside of the vehicle and the small one goes on the inside of the vehicle. Next to the outer surface of the seal is a narrow indentation that is square in shape with grooves along the bottom. This indentation is where the window glass is placed. The rounded indentation is where the flange of the car will be placed. The flap that includes the small curved surface must be pulled inside the car during installation.

Things You’ll Need

Rear window glass, Rubber window seal, Several feet of strong cord, less than 1/8-inch thick, Soap and water mix or other lubricant, Squirt bottle, Window cleaner and towel