Home Auto Repair 2015 Honda Pilot ATF Cooler (2WD) Installation Manual

2015 Honda Pilot ATF Cooler (2WD) Installation Manual


Download 2015 Honda Pilot ATF Cooler (2WD) Installation Instructions – 1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the radio,then write down the radio station presets. 2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. 3. Open the hood, and remove the intake air box (twoclips). 4. Remove the front bulkhead cover (seven clips). 5. Remove the front bumper: • Along the bottom of the bumper, remove theeight medium clips, three long clips, and the twocollared bolts. • At each fenderwell, remove the two short self-tapping screws, one long self-tapping screw,and the lower washer-bolt (black). • At the top of the grille, remove the two washer-bolts (silver). • With the help of an assistant, release the tabsbetween the headlight and the bumper, unplugthe fog light connectors (if equipped), andremove the bumper. Place the front bumper ona blanket after removal. 6. Remove the splash shield (two bolts and eight clips). 7. On the right front bulkhead, remove the clip thatsecures the power steering reservoir return hose tothe bracket. 8. Remove the power steering return hose bracket (onebolt). The bolt and bracket will not be reused. Installing the ATF Cooler 9. Get the ATF cooler and the three washer bolts.Hold the ATF cooler in place near the right frontbulkhead, and route both ATF cooler hoses downbetween the radiator and the front bulkhead.