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How to Rebuild a Jeep AX15 Transmission


The AX15 is a five-speed transmission built by Aisin-Warner for Jeep, beginning in 1987. The transmission is no longer in production, but Aisin-Warner continues to produce the rebuild kits and parts to repair it. The rebuild kit comes with all the parts of the transmission that must be replaced. The remaining parts can be cleaned and inserted back into the AX15 during reassembly. By today’s standards, the transmission is a simple design, but you still need a lot of mechanical skill and transmission knowledge to rebuild this drivetrain.

Things You’ll Need: Ratchet and socket set, Wrench set, Screwdriver set, Plier set — including snap-ring pliers, AX15 rebuild kit, Jack with transmission cradle, Transmission fluid, Rags, Drain pan, Four jack stands


  • Jack up one side of the Jeep, using the tire jack that came with the vehicle. The frame of the Jeep must be high enough to set a jack stand under that corner of the vehicle.