Home Auto Repair 2015 Infiniti Q60/G Coupe Quick Reference Guide

2015 Infiniti Q60/G Coupe Quick Reference Guide


Download 2015 Infiniti Q60/G Coupe Quick Reference Guide – Loose Fuel Cap A LOOSE FUEL CAP warning message will appear in the vehicle information display 1 when the fuel-filler cap is not tightened correctly. To tighten, turn the cap clockwise until a single click is heard. Automatic Power Windows Your power windows have an automatic adjusting function to ensure windows close completely to help seal against wind noise and weather leaks. Clock Set/Adjustment DIGITAL CLOCK ADJUSTMENT To adjust the time and the appearance of the clock on the display: … INFINITI Intelligent Key System The INFINITI Intelligent Key system allows you to lock or unlock the vehicle, open the trunk and start the engine. It is important to make sure the Intelligent Key is with you (that is, in your pocket or purse). Trunk Lid Release Use one of the following methods to open the trunk: Push the trunk open request switch 1 for more than one second while carrying the INFINITI Intelligent Key with you. Automatic Drive Positioner (if so equipped) Two positions for the driver’s seat, steering column and outside mirrors can be stored in the automatic drive positioner memory. Outside Mirror Control Switch To select the right or left side mirror, turn the control switch 1 right or left. To adjust the mirror angle, move the control switch 1 up, down, right or left.