Home Auto Repair 2002 Toyota Highlander EC Mirror Installation Manual

2002 Toyota Highlander EC Mirror Installation Manual


Download 2002 Toyota Highlander EC Mirror Installation Manual – Installation procedure a. Remove overhead console. 1. Remove the negative battery cable. (fig. A−1) I. Protect fender before starting. Ii. Be careful to not touch the positive battery 2. With a nylon removal tool, carefully remove The felt padding adhesive and light lens from the overhead console to expose two (2) phillips screws. (fig. A−2) I. Protect floor and seats before starting ii. Carefully store the padding adhesive side 3. Remove three (3) phillips screws. (fig. A−3) 4. Carefully pull overhead console straight down from headliner. (fig. A−4) 5. Disconnect light connector and sunroof Connector (if vehicle is equipped with a sunroof). 6. Carefully remove overhead console and store On a clean, padded surface. Terminal. Up on a clean padded surface. B. Sun visor removal. 1. Remove sun visor and sun visor clips to release headliner. 2. Using a slotted nylon removal tool, rotate Stop driver side sun visor clip 900 counterclockwise. (fig. B−1) i. Carefully pull clip away from headliner 3. Remove plastic cover from sun visor mounting base to expose two (2) screws. (fig. B−2) 4. Remove the two (2) phillips screws from the driver s side sun visor mounting base. (fig. B−3) 5. Pull sun visor down to expose the vanity light connector. (fig. B−4) i. Disconnect vanity mirror light connector Taking care not to damage clip.