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Front Coil-Over Service Manual '07 Nissan Titan

Download Front Coil-Over Service Manual ’07 Nissan Titan – Removal and Installation Procedure for Titan Front (Shocks come pre-charged direct from the factory with 200 PSI of Nitrogen) 1. Park the vehicle on a level concrete surface where it is safe to work on your vehicle. 2. Lock and center the steering wheel. 3. Place blocks in front and behind the rear tires so as to keep the vehicle from moving forwards or backwards. 4. It is beneficial that you get a reference measurement of the stock ride height prior to the removal of the stock coil-overs; measuring the distance from the center of the hub to the bottom of the fender does this. You will use this measurement when you are setting your ride height after installation. 5. Using a jack lift the front of the vehicle and support the vehicle using jack stands. Be sure to place the jack and jack stands securely in the positions shown in the diagram. After placing the jack stands slowly lower the jack and remove the jack so that the front suspension can hang freely. Remember to be alert and cautious when working under a vehicle. 6. Remove the front wheels and set them aside. 7. Using a 14mm wrench or socket remove the three nuts from the top of the OEM spring hat.