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Do It Yourself Maintenance ’06 Toyota Highlander Hybird


Download Do It Yourself Maintenance ’06 Toyota Highlander Hybird – Do−it−yourself service precautions If you perform maintenance by yourself, be sure to follow the correct procedure given in this Section. You should be aware that improper or incomplete servicing may result in operating problems. Performing do−it−yourself maintenance during the warranty period may affect your warranty coverage. Read the separate Toyota Warranty statement for details and suggestions. This Section gives instructions only for those items that are relatively easy for an owner to perform. As explained in Section 6, there are still a number of items that must be done by a qualified technician with special tools. For information on tools and parts for do−it−yourself maintenance, see “Parts and tools” on page 382 in this Section. Utmost care should be taken when working on your vehicle to prevent accidental injury. Here are a few precautions that you should be especially careful to observe: Never touch, remove or disassemble high voltage parts and cables. Touching, removing or disassembling those parts and cables can cause severe burns or electric shock that may result in death or serious injury. For the locations of high voltage parts and cables, see “—High voltage components” on page 6 in Section 1−1.