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DTC on Toyota/Lexus Uses These Electronic Systems


Download DTC on Toyota/Lexus Uses These Electronic Systems – All cars and light trucks built for sale in the United States after 1996 are required to be OBD-II compliant. The European Union adopted (directive 98/69/EC) a similar law in 2001 for gasolinepowered vehicles, and in 2003 for cars with diesel engines. SAE J2012 (Diagnostic Trouble Codes1) defines a set of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) where industry uniformity has been achieved. DTCs consist of an alpha character followed by four characters. Pxxxx is reserved for powertrain DTCs Bxxxx is reserved for body DTCs Cxxxx is reserved for chassis DTCs Uxxxx is reserved for network DTCs (UART the body electronics like door and roof control, air conditioning, and lightning, as well as for the entertainment control). The second character designates whether the DTCs and a generic SAE DTC or a manufacturerspecific DTC. Note. Standardized Electronic Format of Service Information (J2008). Beginning January 1, 2002, manufacturers shall make available at a fair and reasonable price, all 2002 and newer model year vehicle emission-related diagnosis and repair information provided to the manufacturer’s franchised dealers (e.g., service manuals, technical service bulletins, etc.) in the electronic format specified in SAE Recommended Practice J2008 Draft Technical Report, ….