Home Auto Repair DTC B2784 Antenna Coil Open/Short ’05 Toyota Highlander

DTC B2784 Antenna Coil Open/Short ’05 Toyota Highlander


Download DTC B2784 Antenna Coil Open/Short 2005 Toyota Highlander – INSPECTION PROCEDURE HINT: Start the inspection from step 1 when using the hand-held tester and start from step 2 when not using the hand-held tester. 1 READ VALUE OF HAND-HELD TESTER (IMMOBILIZER ECU (TRANSPONDER KEY ECU ASSY) (SWITCH CONDITION)) (a) Connect the hand-held tester to the DLC3. (b) Turn the ignition switch ON with the key that does not start the engine. (c) Select the item ”ANTENNA COIL” on the hand-held tester. OK: ”NORMAL” (Antenna coil is normal) appears on the screen. REPLACE TRANSPONDER KEY ECU ASSY 2 CHECK WIRE HARNESS (TRANSPONDER KEY ECU ASSY – TRANSPONDER KEY AMPLIFIER) (TRANSPONDER KEY ECU ASSY OR TRANSPONDER KEY AMPLIFIER – BODY GROUND) (a) Disconnect the T14 ECU and T7 amplifier connectors. (b) Measure the resistance of the wire harness side connectors. NG REPAIR OR REPLACE HARNESS AND CONNECTOR REPLACE TRANSPONDER KEY AMPLIFIER