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How to Build a 496 Big Block Chevrolet


The 496 cubic-inch big-block Chevy (BBC) was one of the earliest BBC “stroker” engines designed by performance enthusiasts with combinations of both existing and aftermarket parts. Its displacement is achieved by using an aftermarket crankshaft that is .25 inch longer than standard, along with a cylinder bore that is increased .060-inch. The bore/stroke specs are 4.31 and 4.24-inches, respectively. Even though much larger stroker engines are possible, this displacement is about as large a combination as can be achieved with the factory 454 cylinder block. With careful machining and fitting procedures and parts selection, the 496 BBC can make well over 750 horsepower in competition form.

Things You’ll Need

454 CI Chevy donor/core engine, 496 CI stroker rotating assembly, Aftermarket performance components (optional), BBC performance engine assembly manual