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How to Adjust the Camber on a Nissan D21


After toe, camber is the second most important suspension geometry angle affecting tire wear and fuel economy. If the camber is set incorrectly, the tire will lean too far in or out, and wear unevenly on one side of the tread. The tire will also plow while cornering, causing a feathery edge to be worn into the tread. With the right tools, you can check and properly set the camber on your Nissan D21 truck.

Things You’ll Need: Jack, 2 Alignment pads, Hubcap claw or tire iron, Camber gauge, Wrenches, Alignment shim assortment, Torque wrench


  • Raise the hood. Lift the front end of the truck by placing the jack under the front cross member until there is sufficient clearance under the front tires to place the alignment pads under the wheels. Lower the truck onto the alignment pads, remove the jack and pull the locking pins on the alignment pads.