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How to Swap Ford Mustang Engines


One way to have a faster, more powerful engine in your Mustang is to get rid of the old stock engine and install a bigger engine. The engine swap is the home car builder’s favorite way to upgrade his car’s performance quickly. Whether you’re taking out the old 2.3-liter 4 cylinder and putting in a big 5.6-liter V-8 or taking out the old, 289 and installing a bigger 302, the basic process of the engine swap is going to be the same.

Things You’ll Need

Jack, 2 jack stands, 2 wheel blocks, Engine hoist, Wrench set, Socket set, Ratchets, Extensions, Screwdrivers-straight and Phillips, Oil drain pan, Cooling system drain pan, 1 gallon new coolant, 5 quarts new oil, Replacement engine, Replacement drive belt(s)