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How to Replace the TCM on a ’01 Chrysler


An assortment of computers are required on modern cars to make the different automotive systems work together. On occasion a computer may have to be replaced. The TCM, which controls transmission functions in relation to throttle demand and engine load, is one of those computers. The TCM on a 2001 Chrysler is pretty simple to replace and can restore normal operation to the vehicle.

Things You’ll Need: Wrenches, Tire iron, Small flatblade screwdriver, Prybar, Hydraulic floor jack, Jack stands


  • Put your car’s emergency brake on. Raise the front of the car with the hydraulic floor jack. Place jack stands under the chassis on each side of the car. Slowly lower the car onto the jack stands and make sure they are secure. Open the hood. Remove the negative battery terminal with a wrench and lay it aside. Wait for at least five minutes to let the airbag circuit de-energize before proceeding.