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Dodge Dakota Rack & Pinion Installation


The rack and pinion system on a Dodge Dakota is also called the steering rack. This rack takes the rotational motion of the steering wheel and translates it into turning the front wheels. If the steering rack fails, then the truck will become difficult to steer, if it’s even possible to steer at all. Once the rack has been removed from the truck, the next step is to install the rack and pinion on the truck, which takes about an hour to do.

Things You’ll Need: Replacement steering rack, 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set, 3/8-inch torque wrench, Line wrench set, Replacement tie rod ends, Open-end wrench set, Power steering fluid, Jack, Jack stands, Tire iron


  • Lift the steering rack up into the frame and bolt it in place with the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Torque the bolts down to 190 ft/lbs with the 3/8-inch torque wrench. Install the power steering lines to the rack using a line wrench. Fill the power steering fluid canister on the engine with the power steering fluid.