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Harley Davidson FLHT Fairing Compartment Pouch Installation


Download Harley Davidson FLHT (Electra Glide Standard) Fairing Compartment Pouch Installation Manual – General This kit is designed for 1996 and later FLHT, Electra Glide Standard, model motorcycles Kit contents: QTY DESCRIPTION 1 Pouch 4 Velcro™strip Installation 1. Wash inside of fairing compartment with a clean, soft, nonabrasive cloth, water and mild soap. 1 CAUTION DO NOT use benzine, paint thinner, gasoline, powdered abrasives, alkaline cleansers, or any other harsh cleansers to clean the fairing compartment. They will damage the surface. Never scrape fairing surfaces with a razor blade or other sharp instrument because permanent damage will result. 2. Arrange pouch in compartment. 3. Align and attach velcro strips from kit to top, bottom and sides of compartment so they match the placement of velcro strips on pouch. 4. To secure pouch to fairing compartment, press pouch velcro strips against compartment velcro strips. Care of Pouch 1. When necessary, remove and wash pouch with mild soap and warm water