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Harley Davidson Splash Shield Kit Installation Manual


Download Harley Davidson Splash Shield Kit Installation Manual – This kit is designed to fit 1980 – 1983 and 1988 and later FLHT and 1994 and later FLHR models without fairing low- ers. installation 1. Locate splash shield for left side. Bar and Shield should face forward and opening in splash shield should be on right side. 2. Slip splash shield on left side of engine guard. 3. An opening in the outer edge of the splash shield allows the splash shield to fit over highway footrests. 4. Place the wide attaching strap around the frame down- tube, do not put strap over clutch cable. 5. Slip buckles on attaching strap onto mating buckle halves attached to back side of splash shield. Latches will snap into locked position when buckle is properly closed. 6. Adjust the fit by lifting the Velcro®attached straps (on rear of splash shield) and changing length as required. 7. Repeat procedure for right side of vehicle. NOTE If splash shields cover amber reflectors mounted on frame down tubes, install reflectors included in kit as follows: 8. See Figure 1. Clean areas on both sides of fender (1) where amber reflectors are to be mounted. 9. Remove backing paper from rear of reflector and place reflectors in position (2). Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 108 requires motorcycles to be equipped with rear and side reflectors.