Home Auto Repair 1995 Honda Passport Timing Belt Repair Manual

1995 Honda Passport Timing Belt Repair Manual

Download 1995 Honda Passport Timing Belt Repair Manual – REMOVAL STEPS Preparation: Battery ground cable 1. Radiator upper fan shroud – Remove from radiator. 2. Cooling fan assembly – Remove four nuts, then the cooling fan assembly. 3. Power steering pump drive belt 4. Air Conditioning compressor drive belt 5. Generator drive belt 6. Fan pulley assembly 7. Crankshaft pulley assembly – Using special tool J-8614-O1, hold crankshaft pulley. – Remove center bolt, then the pulley. 8. Oil cooler hose – Remove two cooler hose bracket fixing bolts on the timing cover. 9. Timing belt cover 10. Pusher CAUTION: – The pusher prevents air from entering the oil chamber. Its rod must always be facing upward. INSTALLATION STEPS To install, follow the removal steps in the reverse order. 11. Timing belt CAUTIONS: – Do not bend or twist the belt, otherwise its core could be damaged. The belt should not be bent at a radius less than 3Omm. – Do not allow oil or other chemical substances to come in contact with the belt. They will shorten the belt life. – Do not attempt to pry or stretch the belt with a screwdriver or any other tool during installation. – Store timing belt in a cool and dark place. Never expose the belt to direct sunlight or heat.