Home Auto Repair How to Replace the Front Wheel Bearing on a 02 Jaguar X-Type

How to Replace the Front Wheel Bearing on a 02 Jaguar X-Type


Check your Jaguar front wheel bearings regularly for safety’s sake, In most cases, the front wheel bearings on your 2002 Jaguar X-type do not need to be serviced until you change the brake pads. However, mechanically sound and correctly adjusted front wheel bearings are a critical part of vehicle safety; experiencing a seized wheel bearing while driving could wrench the steering wheel out of your hands and cause a nasty accident. Whenever the front of the vehicle is raised, spin the wheels to ensure that they run freely, then check for play by rocking the wheels from top-to-bottom and from side-to-side.

Things You’ll Need

Hydraulic jack rated for 5-tons or greater, Two axle stands, Socket wrench set, Set of combination wrenches, Two 18-inch long lengths of wire, Two thin blocks of wood, Impact driver, Screwdriver, Hammer, Needle-nose pliers, Biodegradable solvent, 1/2-inch paint brush, Two sets of Jaguar X-Type front wheel bearings, Two front wheel bearing seals, Two front wheel spindle nut cotter pins, High-temperature wheel bearing grease, Plastic mallet, Hydraulic fluid