Home Auto Repair 2000 Cadillac Catera Timing Belt Repair Manual

2000 Cadillac Catera Timing Belt Repair Manual

Download Timing Belt Alternative TIMING BELT REPLACEMENT Removing Process ^ Tools Required -J 42069 Timing Belt Alignment Equipment -J 42098 Crank Hub Torx Socket Notice: Failure to follow the described timing belt inspection and maintenance might result in a damaged timing belt and trigger extreme engine damage. 1.Inspect the chilly start counter (also known as a heavy obligation register) with a scan tool. If there are any cold begins (below -28° C or -20° F) visually examine the timing belt for cracks. It cracks are noted, don’t reuse the belt. Replace the belt and clear the cold start counter. If the belt is okay, and is reused, do not clear the chilly begin counter. 2.Remove the intake air resonator. Check with Consumption Air Resonator Replacement in Powertrain Management. 3.Remove the consumption plenum. Refer to Intake Plenum Replacement. 4.Remove the timing belt cover. Confer with Timing Belt Cover Replacement.