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Ford Motorcraft Oil Specs


Ford’s Motorcraft motor oils are manufactured in full synthetic, synthetic/mineral oil blends and purely mineral oil-based types. Motorcraft produces these oils for both diesel and gas-powered engines. Additionally, these oils are rated for a wide variety of operating temperatures and vehicle mileage levels. It should be noted that all oils intended for use in diesel engines are not recommended for use in gasoline powered engines.

Diesel Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Motorcraft SAE 0W-30 Super All Season Synthetic Motor Oil is a diesel-only motor oil designed to work well in both newer low-emission diesel engines as well as older “high sulfur” diesel engines. Its super-low viscosity makes it an excellent choice for diesels operating in extreme cold. Motorcraft SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil made from synthetic base oils. It is specially designed for use in diesel engines requiring ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.