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Jaguar X-TYPE Fuel System – Drivability/ Starting Issues

Download This bulletin provides diagnostic information for the vehicle fuel system. The following issues are addressed: Drivability/starting issues: 1. Fuel starvation. Loss of power at high engine demand, stumbling and stuttering during wide open throttle accelerations, preignition (detonation) at high engine speeds/loads. 2. Engine starting problems. No fuel pump commands, Engine Control Module (ECM) Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1234, P1236, P1338. 3. Engine stops with fuel still indicated in the fuel tank. Instrument cluster DTC B2879. 4. ECM DTCs P0456, P0442 and P0455 flagged for Evaporative (EVAP) system leak. (Federal market only) 5. Sender unit open/short circuit. ECM DTC P0460, Instrument Cluster DTCs B1202, B1204, B2627 and B2628). Customer complaints: 6. Difficulty refueling vehicle. 7. Fuel smells, smell of fuel around vehicle. 8 . Fuel pump noise.