Home Auto Repair 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo CYLINDER MISFIRE TEST

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo CYLINDER MISFIRE TEST

Download 1. On AB, AN, BE/BR and DN bodies, go to next step. On all other bodies, CYLINDER MISFIRE DTC sets when Powertrain Control Module (PCM) senses an absence of spark. Possible causes are: defective ignition coil circuit, defective spark plug, defective spark plug cable or connector, defective fuel pump or filter, mechanical engine problem, defective EGR system, defective fuel injectors or connectors, restricted exhaust, low fuel level, restricted intake system, defective PCM power grounds, defective EVAP system or defective PCM. Go to next step. 2. Inspect ignition cables for proper installation. Repair cable installation as necessary and perform TEST VER-5A: ROAD TEST FOR OBD-II TROUBLE CODES . If cable are installed properly, go to next step. NOTE: Refer to manufacturer’s operation manual for instructions in use of engine analyzer and procedure for pattern analysis. 3. Turn ignition off. Connect an engine analyzer to engine. Start engine and allow it to idle for 2 minutes. If engine will not idle, maintain constant engine speed at more than idle. Go to next step. 4.