Home Auto Repair 1996 Ford Aerostar Steering Column Disassembly

1996 Ford Aerostar Steering Column Disassembly

Download 1. Remove instrument panel cover and reinforcement from vehicle as described in this section. 2. Unscrew and remove tilt wheel handle and shank (3F609), if equipped. 3. Remove three screws and lower steering column shroud (3530). 4. Turn ignition switch lock cylinder (11582) to RUN position. 5. Using flat-tipped punch, push on button below ignition switch lock cylinder and pull out ignition switch lock cylinder. 6. Remove upper steering column shroud. 7. CAUTION: Be sure air bag sliding contact internal lock is engaged. Hub should not turn more then 45 degrees in either direction. Using door trim removal tool, remove air bag sliding contact electrical connectors from bend bracket. 8. CAUTION: Do not remove wire harness clips from wire bundle. Using door trim removal tool, disconnect two wire harness clips from steering column. 9. Remove key warning chime contact and anti-theft contact from ignition lock cylinder pocket of lock cylinder housing.