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How to Change the Oil in a Yamaha 1600


The Yamaha 1600 engine, found in the Yamaha Roadstar motorcycle, uses oil to lubricate the cylinder walls like most other engines. As the miles go on, the oil starts to lose viscosity and get dirty. That’s why Yamaha recommends changing the oil on a regular basis, which will ensure that the engine lasts as long as possible.

Things You’ll Need: Drain pan, Open-end wrench set, 3/8-inch ratchet, extension and socket set, Oil filter wrench, Replacement oil filter, 3.2 quarts of oil, Hex-head key set, Funnel


  • Pull off the seat to the motorcycle with your hands. Locate the dipstick which is on the right side of the seat area, then pull the dipstick away from the motorcycle.