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Problems With the ’02 GMC Yukon XL Denali


In 2005 GM issued a recall on 2002 Yukons due to an issue with the model’s anti-lock brake system. If you currently own a 2002 Yukon XL Denali or are considering purchasing a used one, you should be aware of three past recalls on the model. Car manufacturers recall certain models when the model or parts within it will fail or fail to meet safety standards. Most repairs required during a model recall are completed at no charge to the owner.

Anti-lock Brake System

In August 2005 General Motors issued a recall due to several vehicle models experiencing unwanted anti-lock brake system activation. As a result, increased stopping distances during low-speed brake applications can occur and an automobile accident is more likely to happen. The condition is more likely to occur in environmentally corrosive areas such as the northeastern U.S. Approximately 1,353,718 Yukon Denali vehicles are affected. Customers may contact GM at 866-996-9463 for information on repairs.