Home Auto Repair 2000 Ford Mustang Clockspring Removal Installation

2000 Ford Mustang Clockspring Removal Installation

Download Vehicles receiving a new clockspring 1. NOTE: A new clockspring is supplied in a centralized position and held there with a key. Remove the key from the clockspring, holding the rotor in its centralized position. ? Do not allow the clockspring rotor to turn. Vehicles needing clockspring recentering 2. WARNING: Incorrect centralization may result in premature component failure. If in doubt when centralizing the clockspring, repeat the centralizing procedure. Failure to follow this instruction may result in personal injury. CAUTION: Make sure the road wheels are in the straight ahead position. NOTE: If a clockspring has rotated out of center, follow through with this step. Centralize the clockspring. 1. Hold the clockspring outer housing stationary. 2. Depress the clockspring locking tab to release the rotor. 3. CAUTION: Overturning will destroy the clockspring. The internal ribbon wire acts as the stop and can be broken from its internal connection.