Home Auto Repair 2002 Ford Escape Transaxle INSTALLATION

2002 Ford Escape Transaxle INSTALLATION

Download 1. If installing a new or remanufactured transaxle, install the roll restrictor bracket. 2. Install the special tool. 3. Position the transaxle in place. 4. Remove the special tool. 5. Move the transaxle assembly toward the engine assembly and install the bolt. 6. Install the bolt. 7. Install the bolts. Remove the transmission jack. 9. Install the fluid cooler line. 10. Install the OSS sensor. 11. Install the fluid cooler tube. 1. Install the fluid cooler tube. 2. Install the bolt. 3. Connect the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor. 4. Connect the turbine shaft speed (TSS) sensor (white connector). 12. Install four flexplate nuts. 13. Install the access cover. 14. Connect the main control cover vent tube. 15. Lower the vehicle. 16. Raise the transaxle enough to install the cross brace. 17. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02. 18. Install the transfer case unit and install one bolt. 19. Install the transfer case bolts.