Home Auto Repair 1994 Ford Aerostar/ Ranger/ Explorer Transmission DISASSEMBLY

1994 Ford Aerostar/ Ranger/ Explorer Transmission DISASSEMBLY

Download WARNING: DO NOT REMOVE THE TORQUE CONVERTER OR TRANSFER CASE FROM THE TRANSMISSION WHILE STILL ON JACK. DOING SO COULD CAUSE THE TRANSMISSION TO FALL OFF THE JACK. For disassembly, relocate the transmission to the top of a flat work bench. WARNING: THE TORQUE CONVERTER IS HEAVY, ESPECIALLY WHEN FULL OF OIL. 1. Remove torque converter (7902) . 2. Remove input shaft (7017) . The splines on the input shaft are not the same on both ends. The end with the shorter spline goes into the assembly. NOTE: For transfer case disassembly and assembly see Section 07-07A, Section 07-07B and Section 07-07C. 3. If the vehicle has a transfer case (7A195) , use a 13mm socket to remove five bolts holding the transfer case to the extension housing (7A039) . Remove transfer case and set aside for reassembly. NOTE: The case oil pressure plug is a press fit into the extension housing and is not serviced separately. CAUTION: The parking pawl (7A441) , parking pawl return spring (7D070) , and parking pawl shaft (7D071) could fall out during removal of the extension housing .