Home Auto Repair 2002 Ford Focus Halfshaft LH Removal Installation

2002 Ford Focus Halfshaft LH Removal Installation

Download All vehicles 1. Loosen the left-hand strut and spring assembly top mount nuts by four turns. 2. Loosen the nuts. Loosen the wheel nuts. CAUTION: Use a socket to loosen the wheel hub retaining nut to prevent damage. Loosen the wheel hub retaining nut. 3. Raise and support the vehicle. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02. 4. Remove the left-hand wheel. 5. CAUTION: Protect the ball joint seat using a soft cloth to prevent damage. Detach the left-hand lower arm. 1. Remove the bolt. 2. Detach the lower arm ball joint. 6. CAUTION: The wheel hub retaining nut can be re-used four times; mark the retaining nut. Detach the left-hand drive halfshaft from the wheel hub. Using a commercially available puller, unscrew and remove the hub retaining nut and press out the halfshaft stub from the wheel hub. Vehicles with iB5 manual transaxle 7. CAUTION: Support the halfshaft. The inner halfshaft joint must not be bent by more than 18 degrees. NOTE: