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2007 Audi A6 Headlights, Removing and Installing

Download Removing Remove front bumper. Remove both Torx bolts (T30) -1-. Remove interior Torx bolt (T30) using 1/4″-Torx-bit insert and extension. NOTE: If necessary, use magnet to remove bolt. Disconnect multi-function harness connectors for headlights. Turn headlights -2- toward center of vehicle and remove from chassis toward front. Installing Installation is reverse of removal, noting the following: Adjust dimension -a- via plastic bolt at new headlight. NOTE: Determine dimension -a- at plastic bolt of old headlight, when being replaced. Engage headlight in area of center of vehicle in guide -2- via pin -1-. Always align headlight according to contours of chassis (gap dimensions) and secure. Adjust headlight after installing.