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Nissan 200SX/S14 Silvia Workshop manuals

Download General Precautions (Cont’d) After disconnecting vacuum or air hoses, attach a tag to indicate the proper connection. • Use only the fluids and the lubricants specified in MA sec- tion and HA section or their equivalents • Use approved bonding agent, sealants or their equivalents when required • Use tools and recommended special tools where specified for safe and efficient service repairs. • When repairing the fuel, oil, water, vacuum or exhaust systems, check all affected lines for leaks. • Dispose of drained oil or the solvent used for cleaning parts in an appropriate manner. • Precautions for Multiport Fuel Injection System or ECCS Engine Sefore connecting or disconnecting multiport fuel injection system or ECM (ECCS control module) harness connector, be sure to turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position and disconnect the negative battery terminal Otherwise, there may be damage to ECM. • Before disconnecting pressurized fuel line from fuel pump to injectors, be sure to release fuel pressure to eliminate danger • Be careful not to jar components such as ECM and mass air flow sensor • Precautions for Three Way Catalyst If a large amount of unburned fuel flows into the converter, the converter temperature wfll be excessively high.