Home Auto Repair 2005 Jaguar S-Type IMT O-Ring replacement (short route)

2005 Jaguar S-Type IMT O-Ring replacement (short route)

Download Disconnect wiper washer supply lines, being very carefull not to snap off nipples! Remove wiper arm 13mm (socket) nut covers, loosen nuts to top of stud. Grab ahold of wiper arm closest with small hammer (arm assembly should “pop” on third hit). DO NOT remove nut then strike stud this wil everything else is down hill. If not have someone else do the replacement. Using “optional” nail set, push down on center push/pull pin on front cowl (8 pieces). Using flat screw drive (To reinstall these, push the pin from the underside up so it protrudes the top of its washer). Remove (7) rear cowl T20 screw covers and screws. You are now able to slide cowl cover away from work underneath cowl, it has alot of play to just set over front of engine bay. Optional use vacuum to suck up what appears to be paper fiber insulation under cowl and rear of engine b time to clean wiper arm drain as well (drivers side US) Remove (4) crossbar 13mm (socket) bolts, set bar aside Now theres a clear but very tight view of the IMT tuner valves. Disconnect wire harness using thumb pres wrench) remove (2) tuning valve bolts, wiggle valve out of intake manifold.