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2003 Chevrolet Impala Wheel Nut Torque Specifications


Torque wheel lug nuts at the manufacturer’s specifications. When installing wheels on any vehicle, including the Chevrolet Impala, it is critical to follow the manufacturer-specified wheel nut torque specifications. Not only does it help your vehicle operate properly, but it prevents serious potential damage to your wheels, wheel hubs and brakes. The wheel nut torque is consistent for 2003 models as well as all of those produced since the vehicle’s reintroduction in 1994.

Definition of Wheel Nut Torque

Wheel nut torque is the measurement that describes how tightly a lug nut is fastened that connects the wheel to the vehicle. It is important to torque lug nuts to the manufacturer-recommended specifications. Lug nuts that are too loose do not properly and safely fasten the wheels. Lug nuts fastened too tightly can “stretch,” causing cracking, shearing, loosening and breaking.