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1994 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Filter Service and Repair

Download WARNING: The fuel system is under constant pressure, even when the engine is OFF. Always release fuel pressure before servicing any fuel system component. Fuel Filter And Shield REMOVAL 1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, and remove the fuel tank cap. 2. Raise, and support the vehicle for access. 3. Remove the fuel filter shield. Remove fuel filter hoses and clamps from the inlet and outlet fuel lines. Remove the retaining strap bolt, and remove the filter. INSTALLATION 1. Install the new filter in the retaining strap. Check the direction of flow by the markings on the filter, and ensure it is correct. 2. Install the retaining strap bolt, and torque to 12 Nm (8.8 lb-ft) 3. Install the inlet and outlet hoses, and clamps. Tighten the clamps securely. Reinstall the filter shield, and lower the vehicle. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.Using the DRB II select the Automatic Shut Down (ASD) Fuel System Test to pressurize fuel system and check for leaks. Refer to Powertrain Management / Computers and Control Systems / Testing and Inspection / Procedures See: Powertrain ManagementComputers and Control SystemsTesting and Inspection CAUTION: