Home Auto Repair 2017 Honda Accord (4-door) Cargo Net Installation Manual

2017 Honda Accord (4-door) Cargo Net Installation Manual


Download 2017 Honda Accord (4-Door and Accord Hybrid) Cargo Net Installation Instructions – 1. Open the Trunk. Remove the trunk floor. 2. Remove the trunk rear trim panel. 3. Remove the tool box. 4. Push on the tabs, and remove the cargo hook. 5. Pull away the weatherstrip. Release the right and left trunk side trim panels. 6. Wearing eye protection, use a 9 mm drill bit to enlarge one clip hole to 9 mm. • Wrap tape around the drill bit at 15 mm (0.59 in.) from the tip of the bit. • Remove any burrs from the edge of the hole. Apply touch-up paint to the drilled surface and allow the paint to dry thoroughly. 7. Repeat step 6 on the right side of the vehicle. 8. Thread the rivet nut onto the mandrel of the rivet nut tool as shown. 9. Insert the rivet nut into the hole in the left trunk side panel and install the hex wrench on the rivet nut tool.